Enjoy your custom style
Enjoy your custom style

MElely aims at becoming the leading company in the market of customizable products

Our Platform

MElely Marketplace

MElely Marketplace is an e-shop exclusively dedicated to products that can be customized...

MElely Concept Store

We are opening a network of stores where you can see, touch and evaluate the products you find on MElely Marketplace...

Meet the Team

Antonio Sorrentini
Founder, CEO & CTO
Entrepreneur since ever, he founded 4 successful startups. Former founder of Last Minute Tour, for which he also developed the first online booking platform in the world for last minute travels, in 2011 he founded TheFork, online booking restaurants service, for which he developed the entire IT infrastructure, defined the product and organized the first commercial network of the company, later acquired by TripAdvisor. In 2014 he founded MElely where he serves as CEO & CTO.
Gianpaolo Improta
Brand & Communication Strategist
Chiara Brina
E-commerce & Web Specialist
Gemma Checchia
Key Account
Roberta Addeo
Market Research Analyst